Read What a Satisfied Client Has to Say

I used Barbara’s decluttering and organizational services for 2 years. Of the services she provided, she successfully assisted me with de-cluttering and organizing my basement in preparation for my massage business, my garage, china hutch, and my kitchen and pantry.

Her organizing  services included streamlining Estate belongings and papers from the  household, recycling space and creatively establishing a temporary
storage wall to conceal storage from my Business space; strategically
discerned placement of storage items for attic and living space,
optimized picture storage space by removing from frames and photo

Barbara is very articulate and persistent in managing one’s clutter. She was extremely successful in accomplishing the organizational goals required to minimize my stress and prepare for a home business in the basement!

Many organizational lessons were learned and implemented in the past two years. Specifically, Barbara taught me:

  •  The importance of waiting to purchase storage containers and bookshelves until de-cluttering is  completed.
  • Proper use of storage containers  and the importance of labeling them.
  • Time saving tips, i.e., keeping  like items together, keeping items in the room where they are used,  leaving space in drawers and cupboards for adding items as needed.
  •  Making sure to have storage tools, make sure they are appropriate
    for the things you want to store, and then be sure to use them.
  • To measure spaces prior to  purchasing organizing containers.
  • How to keep from becoming  re-cluttered.  (Refrain from knee-jerk purchasing and taking the  time to put things away in their proper place immediately after  using them.  (Reminder signage.)
  • Making sure to regularly remove  items not used within 6-12 months.
  • How to let go of items having  shallow significance in my life (parenting magazines versus adopting  a child)
  • She offered quiet empathy and  understanding when handling emotionally delicate items and their  memories.  (In some cases and by my direction, she did the  non-important tedious work to off-load some of the emotion from me.)
  • Self-talk tips:
  • To prevent “over-the-top”  purchasing which can lead to re-cluttering ask myself “If I purchase X, what at home am I willing to toss/donate to stay clutter free?”
  • To prevent adding more clutter,
    ask myself, “ is this storage container too large and therefore
    will cause me to “fill it up with stuff”?
  • How to create a fake wall for  temporary storage.
  • To analyze my life helping me  discern what I really needed to keep and what I could do without.   (Pack rarely used kitchen items away in garage…items still in  garage were donated because they were not sought out and used within  6 months)
  • Keep the memory but toss the item.  Take pictures of things you can no longer keep.  The picture will stimulate the wonderful memory equated with the item..
  • To think about saving footprint  space on the floor by thinking ‘up”.  Use as much vertical space  as you can versus horizontal.

 She is extremely patient for  someone who has difficulty “letting go” of many sentimental  items. Yet, she is very aware not to hastily discard valuable items.
You will enjoy her sensitive focus to organize your household items
with minimal aggravation or pain of doing without your old clutter!

Dolores-Gainesville, VA


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