Never Clean Inside Your Refrigerator Again!

July 20, 2011

This tip is helpful for anyone who owns a refrigerator and is especially helpful for elderly folks and people with physical limitations with kneeling, bending and reaching for long periods of time.

Purchase plastic bins at the dollar store to line each of your frig shelves for holding food. (I even have them in my freezer and vegetable drawers.)  When a bin becomes dirty, pull out that one bin and clean it when you do your dishes.  (I don’t suggest putting them in a dishwasher.) I chose bins with holes so they dry faster. 

Seriously, I spent a whopping $5 total for the bins  in the picture below.

Bins for Refrigerator Shelves

I use reusable lunch meat containers to line my door shelves for ketchup, mustard, pickle jars, salad dressings, etc. Of the seven containers pictured below, I spent $3 for three containers (one square, one small round, and the one with black lid), the rest were free.

Line Refrigerator Door

If you are thinking to yourself that the containers and bins take up too much space in your refrigerator, think again!  A BONUS for using bins and containers is that it keeps your refrig clutter-free because there is no room for overflow (TRAP).  Who knew bins and baskets had so much power to keep your refrigerator clean, organized and de-cluttered!

For just minutes every once in a while, my refrigerator is ALWAYS clean!

All Content Copyright Barbara Nichols 2011


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