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Never Clean Inside Your Refrigerator Again, Almost

July 20, 2011

This is especially helpful for elderly folks or people with physical limitations that prevents them from getting up and down from their knees, bending over for long periods of time, or have difficulty reaching.

Purchase plastic bins at the dollar store to line your frig shelves for holding food. I even have them in my freezer and vegetable drawers.  When a bin becomes dirty, pull it out and clean it when you do your dishes.  (I don’t suggest putting them in a dishwasher.)  If you really feel the need to pull everything out, the most you will probably need to do is DUST inside.
Seriously, I spent a whopping $5 total for the bins in the picture below.

Containers for the Refrigerator

I use reusable sandwich meat containers to line my door shelves for ketchup, mustard, pickle jars, salad dressings, etc.

Line the Doors

Not only does using bins and containers keep my refrigerator clean, the defined space they create prevents overflow, therefore my frig stays de-cluttered too!

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