Welcome to my organized world!

My mission is to teach you how to simplify and stream-line your living so you are free to spend time on what is most important to you and your life.  I will share with you organizing techniques so you are more calm, less frustrated and you will learn how to  save some time and your money.

How do you simplify life?  Simply stated; declutter, (remove stuff that is not necessary), organize the stuff that is necessary, and then prevent bringing in un-necessary stuff.

You have probably seen a gazillion articles about getting organized…right?  But have you seen any that discuss the change in your thought process, which is critical to staying organized?  Have you seen any that discuss how to prevent re-cluttering?  I haven’t and while I haven’t read every article ever written on the subject, I have read some mighty fine articles on organization through the years.

What you can expect to find on my weblog is valuable information, that when practiced, will empower you to take control of your life by getting decluttered and organized, and staying that way.  In other words, you will learn how to manage the stuff in your surroundings.  You’ll then be more calm and less frustrated.   Refreshing thought, isn’t it!

Also, you will feel relieved because you will save time and money because you’ll know what to tell, or ask, yourself when shopping that prevents you from buying un-necessary stuff.  And during the current economic challenges, eliminating un-necessary buying will benefit your budget.

Some future topics will include:

  • Self-awareness-do you keep too much stuff?
  • Releasing emotional connections to stuff.
  • Determining what you need from what you want.
  • Discerning what to keep and what to lose.
  • Tips and tricks.

Be sure to visit my other blogs on organization and clutter control.

My blog is a work in progress so check back often for updates.  In the meantime, have a terrific day!

All Content Copyright Barbara Nichols 2011


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