Hot Tips

May 17, 2011

Space Saver-Lose the stuff, but not the memory.

Many people keep “stuff” because they don’t want to lose the memory attached to it. When you find it difficult to “let go” of an item that doesn’t qualify as an heirloom that should be kept, yet you want to retain the memory attached to it, simply take a picture of it.  Photos take up far less space than stuff.  And with computer technology, digital photos take up virtually no space at all.

May 10, 2011

Prevent Recluttering-Buy the right size storage container.

Refrain from purchasing storage containers that are too large because it is an open invitation to “fill it up with stuff”.

May 8, 2011

Time Saver-Keep tools in the location where they are most frequently used. 

Kitchen Example:  I cook from scratch and I eat oatmeal every morning. I purchased a second, cheap set, of measuring cups and I keep the ½ cup-measuring cup (1 serving) right inside my cylinder of raw oatmeal. And because I live in a high humidity part of the country, I keep my brown sugar (what’s oatmeal without brown sugar?) not only in its plastic bag, but also in a plastic container with a lid that is just large enough to also hold a small measuring utensil inside.  Wash and replace utensils as needed.

All content Copyright Barbara Nichols 2011


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