Easy Organizing & Backup for Data Files

May 15, 2011

Stress Free Data Files Backup

Lost application software can always be replaced.  Data files cannot.   I am a photographer and a writer and all of the data files I create, regardless of the file type; text documents, music files, photos, etc., are saved in their applicable folders within the one folder containing my name.

If you create your own data file folders, create a new folder somewhere on your C: drive,  and name the folder using your first or last  name.  As you begin creating new files and folders save them only in the folder with your name.  When it is time for your routine data files backup, (which you should do regularly just like changing the oil in your car, only more frequently) you have only one folder to back up.

This technique saves me time because  I can quickly zero in to the location of my data files versus having to search through my entire computer.

Regarding stress free data files backup, I have no worries that I have missed any data files to be backed up because they are all in one location. I am confident all of my irreplaceable data files will be backed up because I have only one location to designate when I run the back up.

Should you need to have any maintenance done on your computer by an expert, they (should) ask you where your data files are located so they don’t accidentally tamper them.  (If they don’t ask, be sure to tell them.)   You’ll feel confident they are protected because they are all in one location. And guess what, you will remember that location!

All content Copyright Barbara Nichols 2011

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